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Makers Making Change
Makers Making Change

Makers Making Change connects people with disabilities to volunteer makers to build assistive technologies.

Instructables: ScanUp NFC Reader/Writer and Audio Recorder for Blind, Visually Impaired and Every...

The aim is to support visually impaired and blind people with a device, that allows to record audio in the .WAV format on a SD card and call that information by an NFC tag.

Lowell Observatory: Elizabeth Roemer
Lowell Observatory

Over her career, Dr. Roemer is credited with the recovery of 79 comets, the discovery of two asteroids, and the co-discovery of Jupiter’s moon, Themisto.

Lowell Observatory: Women in Astronomy
Lowell Observatory

For Women’s History Month, we are focusing on three women who are represented in our collections: Dr. Elizabeth Roemer, Wrexie Louise Leonard, and Elizabeth Langdon Williams.

Science Rules! The Story of Skin Color
Science Rules!

Dr. Nina Jablonski is here to tell us the science behind the story of our skin and to break down some of the deeply entrenched myths about race and color.

We The Parents: 10 Female Engineers Who Changed Our World
We The Parents

In celebration of the past and future of women in engineering, let’s get to know 10 famous female engineers who changed our world.

Alexander Tutoring: A Guide to Supporting STEM Education for Students With Disabilities
Alexander Tutoring

Given the security and positive attention associated with STEM professions, this workforce shift is an opportunity to promote egalitarianism through diverse representation in STEM fields. However, unfortunately, many factors have limited access to these fields for many demographics, including people with disabilities. However, with support and cultivation of interest from a young age, people with disabilities may be able to benefit from a more fair footing in terms of pursuing a STEM career.

Columbia University: 60+ Free STEM Resources and Opportunities for BIPOC, AAPIs, and Allies
Columbia University

Since the experiences and realities across different racial, ethnic, and gender groups are complex and unique, here is a list of free resources broken down by group to help foster professional growth and development for members of these underrepresented students and professionals.

Columbia University: 39 LGBTQ+ STEM Innovators and Resources
Columbia University

We’ve listed some of the most inspiring, innovative individuals and organizations making a difference for the LGBTQ+ tech community.

Atomic Heritage Foundation: Female Scientists at Los Alamos
Atomic Heritage Foundation

Female scientists at Los Alamos are not often discussed, but they played an integral role in the creation of the atomic bomb.

Voices of the Manhattan Project: Ronald E. Mickens' Interview
Voices of the Manhattan Project

Ronald E. Mickens discusses his own career, the importance of curiosity to scientific research, and the challenges African-American scientists have had to overcome to pursue their research.

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