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Get your Arizona Tax Credit - Support STEM!

Arizona Gives Day is an annual giving movement uniting nonprofits, big and small, new and established, to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Arizona through online giving. The event on April 6, 2021 will help raise awareness about the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities and inspire people to give generously creating a thriving and stronger Arizona for all.

Support Chief Science Officers and Rural Locations!

In Arizona, there are over 1,300 schools serving low-income students as well as those living in poverty. While technical and educational opportunities have made significant advances in engaging these students in STEM, low-income people in the U.S. are still underrepresented in STEM professions, especially in science-related and other professional fields. Science For All, LLC (SFA) provides disadvantaged youth access to STEM resources and engagement opportunities, enabling them to gain first-hand knowledge and experience that is normally out of reach.


Through the Chief Science Officers and other SciTech Institute programs, SFA is fostering the development of diverse, high-tech talent through STEM events, job training programs, mentorships, internships, and other activities. These experiences enable youth to gain critical workforce employability skills and the experience necessary to help them become, not only STEM professionals but engaged citizens well into the future.

Under the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Law (ARS43-1088), Arizona residents are permitted to donate $400 per year for individuals ($800 for married couples filing jointly) to Qualifying Charitable Organizations and claim a tax credit on their annual Arizona state taxes. You will receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your state tax liability.

Making a tax credit contribution is easy!

Please consider any donation of $5 or more to Science For All for your tax credit benefit.


No need to itemize your taxes to take advantage of the Charitable Tax Credit. Science For All does not compete with other tax credits. This is in addition to other tax credits available, including the Public School Tax Credit and Private School Tuition Credit.

Tax credit donations for 2020 can be granted until next year’s tax deadline of April 15, 2021.


To get the most on your Arizona Tax Credit, donate $400 or $800! You have more control over where your tax dollars are spent by redirecting them to help Arizona youth in need gain the experience and skills necessary to become STEM professionals in the future. Take advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged students.

Make your tax credit donation to Science For All by visiting the website or simply write a check to Science For All and mail it to:

SciTech Institute

1438 W. Broadway Rd., Ste. 101

Tempe, AZ  85282


For more details, visit Arizona Department of Revenue’s website!


Chief Science Officers (CSOs) amplify student voice by bringing their peers and community leaders together to ignite new opportunities in STEM through action plans. The global network of young leaders continues to grow in 12 regions around the world.

The Arizona SciTech Festival is an annual, statewide celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Collaborators around the state create Signature Events to bring their communities together to engage on hands-on activities.

The vision of Science For All is to provide students living in poverty with workplace employability and technical skills necessary for securing jobs in the STEM fields. Donate today!

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