Arizona STEM Ecosystem​

Connecting the STEM Community in Arizona and Beyond

What is a STEM Ecosystem?​

STEM Learning Ecosystems is a global Community of Practice which allows communities around the world to share resources, discuss outcomes, and learn from one another’s experiences in encouraging STEM learning in their regions. STEM Ecosystems foster collaboration across sectors – connecting local businesses, schools, museums, libraries, nonprofits, government organizations, and other community members in order to align efforts and make use of non-traditional STEM learning resources.

The Arizona STEM Ecosystem is an inaugural member of this global Community of Practice. It is a collaborative, grassroots network of over 900 partners across the state, including educators, government leaders, and community organizers. SciTech Institute, serving as the ecosystem’s backbone organization, works with these entities to promote STEM awareness and career pathways, build leadership and employability skills, and foster a diverse community of qualified Arizonans entering higher education and the workforce.

Goals of the Arizona SciTech Ecosystem

Increase awareness and understanding of STEM community knowledge, resources, and assets

Promote community-driven STEM opportunity specific to local values, practices, resources, and interests

Foster a pipeline of diverse and STEM-informed Arizonans to enter higher education and the workforce

Regional STEM Hubs

The Arizona STEM Ecosystem is broken down into smaller community networks called Regional STEM Hubs. These Hubs allow individuals in a given region to focus in on their local needs and assets, diving deeper into community-based resources and goals. They encourage creative cross-collaboration between sectors in order to connect community resources through STEM.

Active Hubs: Northern Arizona, Southern Arizona, East & Southeast Arizona, Western Arizona, Northwest Maricopa, Southwest Maricopa, Northeast Maricopa, Southeast Maricopa, North Phoenix, South Phoenix

Statewide Working Groups

Topic-based Working Groups are statewide networks of individuals interested in a specific topic, designed to foster conversation across regional boundaries. Working Groups meet regularly to share resources, discuss issues, and develop projects that address specific needs in their subject area or community.