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AZHACS Sponsors: SciTech Institute, Arizona State University (ASU), BootUp, Arizona Science Center, National Science Foundation (NSF)


AZHACS is an initiative of the NSF-funded AZ K-8 Consortium (Award #2031527).

The intent of the Consortium is to be part of the Arizona STEM Ecosystem for K-8 educators to discuss any topic, gain access to resources, engage in professional development, and foster a Practitioner Learning Community or Working Group to share best practices. The Consortium is starting with Computer Science (CS), as the initiative is funded by NSF CS for All.

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AZ HACS is looking for local collaborators to create RPPs – a blend of community members, educators, and researchers working together to identify issues, gather reliable data, and make informed decisions.

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In the Spring of 2021 AZ HACS is looking for local innovative thinkers, change makers, and collaborators to create RPP teams that will work to better the education culture by bringing in reliable tools to help teachers succeed. Do you want to work with a statewide network on tackling CS/CT issues locally? Think you would be a good fit? Send us an email!

Our Mission

In November 2020 the National Science Foundation (NSF) approved the Arizona Computer Science for All proposal. This proposal is designed around two pillars:

1. A study to understand the use of computer science and computational thinking in the classroom

2. Develop Research-Practitioner Partnerships to tackle issues to high-quality CS/CT education.

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Our First Task – Learn what is actually going on in the classroom / building with Computer Science and Computational Thinking. Please take this short anonymous survey to help us structure our next step. 

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In March and April of 2021, AZ HACS will host a webinar on Research-Practitioner Partnerships and how they can make a difference.

If you would like to join us for this 30-minute webinar, please send us an email. We will send you the zoom link.

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RPPS In Action – In June, July, and August AZ HACS will facilitate the development of Rural Arizona RPPs.

Would you like to be part of the solution? Send us an email!


Want your voice heard? 

Join your local Research/Practioner Partnership (RPP) 

Don’t just talk about change – do something to make it happen!

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About Us

Leadership Team

Primary Investigator (PI): Jeremy Babendure, PhD. Executive Director SciTech Institute

Project Director: Kalman Mannis (Co-PI), Arizona Science Center

Project Manager: Kelly Greene, SciTech Institute

Grant Manager: Michele Roy, SciTech Institute

Research and Evaluation Team

Alexander Kurz, PhD, BCBA-D (he/him/his)
Director, Arizona Practitioner-Researcher Educational Partnership (AzPREP) Office
Associate Research Professor School of Social and Family Dynamics (SSFD)

Eugene Judson, EdD
Associate Professor, ASU Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College

Wendy Miedel Barnard, PhD
Director, College Research and Evaluation Services Team (CREST)

AZHACS Project Advisory Team

AZ HACS is made richer and more robust due to the amazing support provided by our program advisory team.

BootUp PD is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit specializing in district-wide elementary computer science initiatives that focus on creativity and problem solving. Since 2015, BootUp has worked with over 450 elementary schools in seventeen states.

Betsy Hargrove, EdD – Superintendent, Avondale School District, Avondale, AZ.

Etta Kralovec, EdD – University of Arizona Director of Graduate Education Programming, Noyce Border Scholars, and Sin Fronteras.

Erin Henderson, MST – Arizona Department of Education, Title IV-A Digital Learning Specialist

Sara Torres – Executive Director, Arizona Science Teacher’s Association

Wes Brownfield – Executive Director, Arizona Rural School’s Association

Jeanne Holm – Vice Mayor City of Los Angeles, Digital Integration Specialist

Janice Mak – Arizona Co-Chair CSforAZ, K12 STEM Curriculum Specialist

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