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Sailing in the Desert

Arizona is second only to Michigan in terms of the greatest number of boats per capita in the United States.  For hot, landlocked Arizona, it is no surprise that water activities and anything having to do with animals in the natural ocean environment, particularly seals, penguins, sea turtles and whales, draws rapt attention by young students everywhere.  SciTech and Argo bring a truly remarkable opportunity for students everywhere to gain meaningful experiences that will inspire the technical workforce of tomorrow with competence in STEAM skills valuable to employers.

What is Argo?

Arizona’s first education and research sailing vessel, Argo, is a very unique, innovative educational resource for students across Arizona and beyond.  Satellite communication allows researchers and crew members onboard Argo to live stream exciting oceanic and coastal research video while talking with students anywhere in the world assuring rich and inspiring learning experiences and engagement.  Students can even participate with research and conservation projects while interacting with the Argonauts as school projects demonstrate STEM principles and lessons in real life.  For example, students can participate operating underwater ROVs online that deploy from Argo performing reef projects and data collection missions.

Because the experience is online, students can share their excitement with friends and family participating, reinforcing their discovered learning objectives for a lifetime.

Set Sail with Argo - Description and Specifications

Argo is a self-contained platform that mimics the physical constraint of a space habitat.  Even any electrical power must come from its solar panels.  There is no engine to propel it – it is driven solely with wind energy.  A real-world practical conservation experience, students will witness and help the crew manage (like Apollo 13) resources from food and water, to energy and navigation; bringing into sharp focus the actual application of STEM skills to everyday life in a sustainable, responsible objective-driven manner.

Argo's Route

Exploration and regular live sessions with Argo begin with the new school year as the vessel is prepared for a departure to Mexico in November.  The arrival at “Arizona’s Beach” in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, will be a rare opportunity for students and families to meet and greet the crew in person, tour the vessel and even go for a short sail aboard.

By Spring 2022, Argo will sail to the Galapagos Islands where it will position for an extended stay participating in education and research at this World Heritage Site.

STEM Education Based on Field Research Objectives

The scope of the research and conservation missions for Argo’s five year voyage around the world has been carefully developed by leading scientists teaching at Arizona and California universities.  The missions include study of seal populations, grunion runs, sea turtle hatcheries, blue whale observation and tracking, seabird (including penguins in the Galapagos) and commercial fishing conservation enforcement.  Conservation focus on plastics and recycling, water management, and sustainable strategies for energy, transportation and lifestyle.

Benefits of Participating Organizations

In the last 3 months, Arizona’s first education and research sailboat Argo has had over 3.25 million views on social and mass media platforms demonstrating genuine interest by Arizona students and the public at large.  In the coming months, Argo will be widely promoted statewide as a featured STEM resource, further amplifying audience and engaging young people to pursue STEM careers.

Your organization’s logo will be displayed on digital platforms online and educational resources delivered to students and the public.  Students that participate with actual operation of drones, ROVs, instruments and sensors, or participate in coding software  utilized by Argo’s research collaborations and partners will be awarded Certificates documenting their practical STEM skill.  Such certificates are highly prized by the students acknowledging their accomplishment and benefit the future employer knowing that their potential employee has real world practical experience in the field – a real advantage for hiring the best candidates.

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Funding and in-kind donations are sought to prepare and support Argo for the new school year.  Your generous contribution to Arizona Technology Council Foundation DBA SciTech Institute, a Silver GuideStar rated Arizona qualifying charitable 501(c)(3) organization is appreciated.  Please be sure to annotate your payment with “Set Sail with Argo.”

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