Arizona STEM & Innovation Summit

“We have the opportunity to create the future and decide what that’s like.”

–Mae Jemison, former NASA astronaut, engineer, and physician

Arizona STEM & Innovation Summit

Presented by Arizona Science Center and SciTech Institute, take part in the future and interact with the state’s most influential thinkers by participating in the STEM & Innovation Summit.

Join educators, collaborators, and key stakeholders in this day-long event showcasing emerging trends and products in STEM. This statewide conference features unique tracks that brings people together from across the Valley to share best practices, experience the latest technology and innovation, build unique STEM networks, and discuss how we can work together to improve public STEM awareness in Arizona.

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Take part in Arizona’s STEM Ecosystem and interact with collaborators to:

Share best practices and resources for Arizona opportunities in STEM
Build unique and diverse STEM networks online or in person
Engage with Arizona Science Center Exhibits and Staff
Discuss how we can work as a statewide connected ecosystem

Share suggestions to improve public STEM awareness and improve workforce readiness

Experience activities for hands-on learning and hybrid environments

Watch LIVE science demonstrations

And even more!

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