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STEM Pro Live!
Maricopa County School Superintendent

STEM Pro Live is a free, live, monthly broadcast of a STEM professional sharing from his or her workplace.

Featured Listing
Boeing - FUTURE U.

FUTURE U. provides educators with the tools they need to inspire their students to use creativity, collaboration, persistence and problem-solving to change the world.

Featured Listing
Freeport - McMoran: Dig Into Mining - Day of Mining Virtual Field Trip
Freeport - McMoran

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a working copper mine as we hear from different professionals at Freeport-McMoRan and learn about their role in the mining process from mine planning to reclamation!

Instructables: Custom Coins and Medallions

Students use Tinkercad to design and create original coins, medallions, or other decorative items that depict the important features of a person, place, thing, or concept.

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining: - Aim to Reclaim Virtual Lab
Freeport - McMoRan

In this virtual simulation, students will explore the reclamation process to discover how land is restored for a sustainable future.

STEM Pro Live! Axosoft
Maricopa County School Superintendent

In this edition of STEM Pro Live!, you’ll hear from the CEO of Axosoft.

Discovery Education: Virtual Field Trip - Internet of Things (Itron, Inc.)
Discovery Education

Put your students at the cutting-edge of smart tech and sustainable innovation with Conservation Station’s Internet of Things: Infinite Possibilities Virtual Field Trip launching on World Environment Day!

Genes in Space: DNA Sequencing
Genes in Space

Learn  about DNA analysis techniques and ongoing space biology research.

Instructables: Rover Design Challenge

In this activity, students design and build electric toy Rovers that run on monorail tracks.

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Exploring Copper in Cars
Freeport - McMoRan

Bring students on a virtual tour of the ins and outs of electronic and hybrid vehicles to compare and contrast the amount of copper with a gas fuel vehicle.

STEM Pro Live! Local Motors
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Meet two of the STEM professionals that work at Local Motors in Chandler, Arizona.

Discovery Education: Virtual Field Trip - Nuclear Reimagined (Idaho National Laboratory)
Discovery Education

Join the American Nuclear Society, U.S. Department of Energy, and Discovery Education on a journey inside Idaho National Laboratory, the nation’s lead lab for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment.

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