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Lowell Observatory: Elizabeth Roemer
Lowell Observatory

Over her career, Dr. Roemer is credited with the recovery of 79 comets, the discovery of two asteroids, and the co-discovery of Jupiter’s moon, Themisto.

Lowell Observatory: Women in Astronomy
Lowell Observatory

For Women’s History Month, we are focusing on three women who are represented in our collections: Dr. Elizabeth Roemer, Wrexie Louise Leonard, and Elizabeth Langdon Williams.

Science Rules! Supermodel Karlie Kloss Takes on Silicon Valley
Science Rules!

The founder of Kode with Klossy is trying to make fashion more sustainable and the tech industry more female.

Ologies: Scorpiology (SCORPIONS) with Lauren Esposito: Encore Presentation

Dr. Lauren Esposito spills the beans on how venom works, what’s up with the blacklight glow effect, how dangerous they *really* are, what all the movies get wrong, the best names for scorpions, where she’s traveled to look under rocks, where a scorpion’s butt is, if scorpions dance or make out (SPOILER: YES), what good mothers they are, how big they used to be millions of years ago and how — technically speaking — they are not poisonous.

Short Wave: Tech Companies Are Limiting Police Use of Facial Recognition. Here's Why
Short Wave (NPR)

Today on the show, Short Wave host Maddie Sofia and reporter Emily Kwong speak with AI policy analyst Mutale Nkonde about algorithmic bias — how facial recognition software can discriminate and reflect the biases of society.

We The Parents: 10 Female Engineers Who Changed Our World
We The Parents

In celebration of the past and future of women in engineering, let’s get to know 10 famous female engineers who changed our world.

Project Biodiversify
Project Biodiversify

A repository of teaching materials and methods aimed at enhancing human diversity and inclusivity in biology courses.

Columbia University: 39 LGBTQ+ STEM Innovators and Resources
Columbia University

We’ve listed some of the most inspiring, innovative individuals and organizations making a difference for the LGBTQ+ tech community.

Atomic Heritage Foundation: Female Scientists at Los Alamos
Atomic Heritage Foundation

Female scientists at Los Alamos are not often discussed, but they played an integral role in the creation of the atomic bomb.

Learning for Justice: STEM at Work
Learning for Justice

In this lesson, students explore the varied work of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, and discuss character traits common to all of them.

Discovery: 5 LGBT Scientists Who Changed the World

Without their scientific accomplishments, the sciences would be very different today.

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