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Innovation Generation: Oceans of Drinking Water
Innovation Generation

In this activity, students will learn about a real city that was predicted to run out of water and a potential solution using the process of desalination.

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Real World Math: Space Lessons - Rockets
Real World Math

NASA’s endangered Constellation space program serves as the backdrop for this activity.

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California Academy of Sciences: Natural Resources Bingo
California Academy of Sciences

What types of natural resources are used to make the objects we use in everyday life? After playing this bingo game, your students will be ready to categorize common things we throw in the trash according to the resource from which they are made.

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STEM Careers Coalition: Fabricating our Future
STEM Careers Coalition

How can additive manufacturing expand the horizons of human exploration?

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Ask A Biologist: Nano Building
Arizona State University, Ask A Biologist

Try your hand at building specific patterns, or explore how blocks can be used to make many different shapes in this bioengineering game.

Wide Open School
Common Sense - Wide Open School

Wide Open School is a free and open collection of online learning activities for PreK-12th grade students and families. It includes the subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has a wealth of content to explore.

National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Floating Penny
National Geographic Kids

Can pennies float? Take a glass of water, a penny, and a stiff card and find out!

NASA: STEMonstration - Engineering Design: Trusses

Expedition 55/56 Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold explains the significance of these resilient structures and the forces they are up against in microgravity.

NASA: STEMonstration – Spacewalking

Watch Expedition 55/56 flight engineer Ricky Arnold in this two-part episode as he explains spacewalk safety and training in addition to the parts of the spacesuit that protects astronauts outside the space station.

NASA: STEMonstration – Solar Energy

Watch Expedition 55/56 Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold as he explains the station’s solar arrays and the importance of solar energy on the space station.

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