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Makers Making Change
Makers Making Change

Makers Making Change connects people with disabilities to volunteer makers to build assistive technologies.

Instructables: ScanUp NFC Reader/Writer and Audio Recorder for Blind, Visually Impaired and Every...

The aim is to support visually impaired and blind people with a device, that allows to record audio in the .WAV format on a SD card and call that information by an NFC tag.

Alexander Tutoring: A Guide to Supporting STEM Education for Students With Disabilities
Alexander Tutoring

Given the security and positive attention associated with STEM professions, this workforce shift is an opportunity to promote egalitarianism through diverse representation in STEM fields. However, unfortunately, many factors have limited access to these fields for many demographics, including people with disabilities. However, with support and cultivation of interest from a young age, people with disabilities may be able to benefit from a more fair footing in terms of pursuing a STEM career.

National Science Teaching Association: Case Study 3 - Students With Disabilities and the Next Gen...
National Science Teaching Association

The percentage of students identified with disabilities in schools across the nation is currently around 13%. As a result of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), school districts are held accountable for the performance of students with disabilities on state assessments.

Science Alert: Science Students Get Better Grades When They Know Einstein And Marie Curie Also St...
Science Alert

In a recent experiment, students who learned about the struggles and failed experiments of some of the greatest scientists who ever lived got significantly better grades than those who learned only of their accomplishments. 

National Federation of the Blind: STEM Resources
National Federation of the Blind

110 resources in which you can search on resource type, grade level, STEM discipline, and miscellaneous keywords.

STEMIE: My STEM Adventure App

My STEM Adventure app is a fully accessible/born accessible app that will guide families or other adults in children’s lives to engage in STEM activities with young children from birth to 5 years old.

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