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Space Station Explorers
Space Station Explorers

Space Station Explorers is a community of educators, learners, and organizations that make STEM learning fun and exciting through connections with the International Space Station (ISS) National Lab.

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STEM Pro Live!
Maricopa County School Superintendent

STEM Pro Live is a free, live, monthly broadcast of a STEM professional sharing from his or her workplace.

Featured Listing
Arizona Science Center: Engineer a Bridge
Arizona Science Center

Constructing an Animal Bridge. With this activity, we will be creating a bridge that will support your animal friends and keep them safe!

PBS Kids: Jet's Bot Builder
PBS Kids

Create, explore, learn and have fun building a robot with Jet and friends in Jet’s Bot Builder.

Build Your Future Arizona: PVC Blanket Fort
Build Your Future Arizona

Level up your fort-building skills with a DIY blanket fort kit using easy-to-find materials from your local home supply store.

STEM Pro Live From Home: CHASSE Building Team
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Learn from three professionals from CHASSE Building Team on how they got started on their STEM professions, what they do and the cool tools they use on a daily basis.

SciGirls Connect: Pedal Power
SciGirls Connect

Biking is fun for all ages, but can be tough unless you’re in the right gear.

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona Activity Sheets - Wing Design
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Using field guides or the Internet, study different birds.

StarTalk: What's Exploration Worth?

When the economy takes a downturn, should we still go up into space?

Instructables: DIY Simple Arduino Lamp

In this project, I will be walking you through the process of creating a lamp with the Arduino nano and an LED strip.

Instructables: MINI Night Lamp

Electronics is a very big ocean and to explore it today I made a small lamp mini night lamp which is controlled by Arduino microcontroller.

Instructables: Super Sized Acryllic Spectrum Analyzer

Why would you want to look at those tiny led displays or those small LCD’s if you can do it big?

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