OdySea Aquarium: The Aquarium Experience

The high school lesson design includes both in-class and independent assignments.

Assignments relate to three major areas of the aquarium: Water, Rivers of the World and Coral Reefs. Each area includes an in-class lesson that can be completed prior to the visit to the aquarium.

An additional independent project, Arizona Wetlands Project, is included as an optional opportunity for students to explore Arizona. The independent assignment is designed to be taken to the aquarium and completed during the visit. Information to complete the assignment is located in and around the aquarium exhibits related to water, rivers of the world and coral reefs.


9th-12th grade curricula include both in-class and independent assignments focusing on Water, Rivers of the World and Coral Reefs. Lessons for the classroom include The Water Cycle, The Importance of Rivers and Coral Reef Explorer. The independent assignment to complete at OdySea Aquarium is called Water World. An optional independent project is the Arizona Wetlands Project.

Biology, Ecology, Geology, Hydrology
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