OdySea Aquarium: Importance of Rivers

The importance of freshwater rivers is vital to life on the planet.

Human, plant and animal life depend on rivers and streams for life-sustaining drinking water and continuation of essential habitats. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have listed the threats and impacts to rivers and habitats as follows:
• Disturbance and Equilibrium – natural or human disturbances to streams and
rivers affect both the structure and ecological functions of these systems.
• Dams and Other Barriers – causing adverse effects to processes and blocking fish
migration and movement.
• Impacts from Other Land Management Practices – Land use, watershed
development, and resource management practices have caused both direct and
secondary impacts to rivers and streams.

As a student of conservation, review the map of Arizona rivers and select one river to study. Use technology to investigate the following:
• Location of river
• Topography of area
• Source of the river
• Length and flow rate of river
• Wildlife that inhabit the river and its banks
• Conservation efforts

With data collected from investigating the selected river, write an essay that focuses on conservation of that particular Arizona river. Include descriptions of information from the above list. You may add drawings and pictures to enhance your description. Your paper is intended to promote conservation efforts for Arizona rivers.



9th-12th grade curricula include both in-class and independent assignments focusing on Water, Rivers of the World and Coral Reefs. Lessons for the classroom include The Water Cycle, The Importance of Rivers and Coral Reef Explorer. The independent assignment to complete at OdySea Aquarium is called Water World. An optional independent project is the Arizona Wetlands Project.

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