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Freeport - McMoran: Dig Into Mining - Day of Mining Virtual Field Trip
Freeport - McMoran

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a working copper mine as we hear from different professionals at Freeport-McMoRan and learn about their role in the mining process from mine planning to reclamation!

Featured Listing
Clean Air Make More: Be Air Aware - An Air Pollution Education Program
Clean Air Make More

Be Air Aware: An Air Pollution Education Program for Non-Formal Educators. Downloadable Educator’s Guide PDF. A 3-part lesson series for non-formal educators. Includes standards.

ABCya! Hydro Logic

Hydro Logic is a splashy puzzle game that teaches the Water Cycle, also known as the Hydrologic Cycle!

DK Find Out! Meteorite Impacts

Meteorite impacts happen when rocks from space crash into Earth’s surface.

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Patterns of Natural Resources
Freeport - McMoRan

In this activity, students will investigate the distribution and patterns of natural mineral resources and draw conclusions about where copper bearing minerals are found around the world.

STEM Pro Live! Freeport McMoRan
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Hear from two STEM professionals from Freeport McMoRan.

DK Find Out! The First Animals

Fossils show that animal life began about 600 million years ago.

DK Find Out! Mountains

Mountains are huge rocky features of the Earth’s landscape. 

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining: - Aim to Reclaim Virtual Lab
Freeport - McMoRan

In this virtual simulation, students will explore the reclamation process to discover how land is restored for a sustainable future.

STEM Pro Live! Waste Resources and Recycling
Maricopa County School Superintendent

This STEM Pro Live! will introduce you to Brian Kehoe, Maricopa County’s director of waste resources and recycling.

Mystery Science: Have You Ever Watched a Storm?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students start to notice changes in the weather.

DK Find Out! Cambrian Explosion

About 530 million years ago, an incredible range of new animals began to live in the seas, including the first creatures with clear legs, heads, sense organs, skeletons, and shells.

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