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Arizona Science Center: Strawberry DNA Extraction
Arizona Science Center

With the Strawberry DNA experiment, you’ll extract, isolate, and observe the DNA of a strawberry in a matter of minutes.

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Arizona Science Center: Backyard Bugs
Arizona Science Center

In this activity, you will simulate the moon in order to guide bugs right where you want them so that you can see them all up close and personal!

National Aquarium: Make Your Own Socktopus!
National Aquarium

Step-by-step directions with pictures describing how you can create your own socktopus.

Mystery Science: Why Do Frogs Say "Ribbit"?
Mystery Science

This Mystery is a case study in biodiversity using the frogs of North America. In the activity, Who’s Calling?, students learn to identify frogs by their unique calls and investigate which of two locations has a greater variety of frogs.

The Kennedy Center: How Many Cells Are Born in a Day?
The Kennedy Center

In this lesson, students use calculation to predict the number of cells that result from a series of cell divisions.

DK Find Out! The Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is a vast group of millions of different kinds of animals. 

DK Find Out! Anteaters and Sloths

Anteaters and leaf-eating sloths make up a group of mammals that come from tropical parts of the Americas.

DK Find Out! Nocturnal Animals

Unlike us, many animals rest during the day, only becoming active as it starts to get dark.

DK Find Out! Fossils

The only reason that we know giant dinosaurs and other extinct animals existed is because their remains have been preserved as fossils.

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Satellite Studies with Mining Geoimages
Freeport - McMoRan

In this two-part activity, students will learn about the process of open pit mining using Google Earth and a 360
virtual mine tour.

Pest World for Kids: Insect Trivia Quiz
Pest World for Kids

Think you’re a pest expert? Take this quiz to see how much you really know about the wonderful world of insects.

Pest World for Kids: Egg Carton Spider
Pest World for Kids

With an egg carton, paint and other art supplies, you can make a spider with eight eyes that won’t crawl on you in your sleep.

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