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Welcome to Ask a Pro, our new Career Exploration Q&A series!

Today we have Stefanie Orhiuela who is currently a Principal in Non-Operated Joint Ventures at BHP Minerals Americas. Her job entails reviewing operations and performance of assets, reviewing projects, and working on building strategy for BHP. We hope you enjoy hearing about Stefanie Orhiuela’s career and experiences within the mining industry.

Key Takeaways

Stefanie Orihuela has a vast amount of experience in the mining industry. Currently she is a Principle in Non-Operated Joint Ventures at BHP Minerals Americas, an exciting job with a broad range of duties. In this job she reviews projects, plans and builds strategy, adjusts strategies, reviews operation of performance assets, and reviews that a mine is well controlled before making an investment.

Stefanie Orihuela loved her experience as an intern for different mining companies and highly recommends for students who are interested in the mining industry to participate in one. The mining industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities, and it is important to investigate and explore areas that you are interested in.

Stefanie discusses in her own words, what a mining engineer is. She says that the main objective for all mining engineers is to make a positive impact on the world. Mining engineers want to create a positive impact on the environment and people.

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