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SciGirls Connect: Industrious Engineering
SciGirls Connect

Industrial engineers improve processes by eliminating any waste of time, money, energy, or other resources.

Boeing – FUTURE U: Virtual Field Trip - Innovating the Future

Join Boeing and Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Fueling Education: CITGO Career Profile - Meet Rebecca Andoin
Fueling Education

Operations engineers use their science and math background to ensure that a company’s operations (such as manufacturing or shipping) are efficient and meet safety, environmental, and industry standards.

Brains On! Traffic: Phantom Jams and Chicken Soup
Brains On!

On the fourth leg of our road trip, we figure out where traffic comes from and what it would take to make it finally go away.

Mathalicious: Tricks of the Tray'd

In this lesson, students calculate volumes of rectangular prisms and use that information to design an appealing and well-balanced tray.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Industrial Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Industrial Engineers manage people and equipment that produce goods.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Network Administrator
Carnegie STEM Girls

Network Administrators are in charge of installing, configuring, and providing support for an organization’s local area network, wide area network, and internet systems.

But Why?: Why Do We Poop And Fart?
But Why?

Look, everybody does it, so today we’re going to tackle one of the areas kids seem to find fascinating: why and how we poop!

STEM Careers Coalition: Solar Engineer
STEM Careers Coalition

Solar Engineers oversee the scientific process involved in harnessing the sun’s energy to power homes, businesses, and industry. 

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources: Ask A Pro - Geological Engineer
The University of Arizona, Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources

We have Julia Potter who is a Geological Engineer at Call & Nicholas Inc. We invite you to watch our video to learn more about Julia’s field of work and her experience as a woman in the field!

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources: Ask A Pro - Mineral Resource Engineer and Beyond
The University of Arizona, Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources

We hope you enjoy hearing about Stefanie Orhiuela’s career and experiences within the mining industry.

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