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STEM Pro LIVE! Special Edition from the Arizona Coyotes STEM Summit
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Hear from STEM professionals, including the Arizona Coyotes hockey teams’ chief operating officer, an architect from DLR Group, and an engineer from Dibble Engineering.

SciGirls Connect: Insulator Innovator
SciGirls Connect

NASA employs many materials engineers to develop and test every piece of equipment (including spacesuits) that astronauts use.

STEM Pro Live! Pingbo Tang, ASU School of Construction
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Watch as Professor Pingbo Tang, from ASU School of Construction, talks about his STEM journey and his projects such as 3D photography.

SciGirls Connect: Pedal Power
SciGirls Connect

Biking is fun for all ages, but can be tough unless you’re in the right gear.

Crash Course Kids: What is an Engineer? Episode 12.1
Crash Course Kids

You’ve heard of Engineers, I’m sure. But, what are Engineers?

STEM Pro Live! Sanjay Srinivasan, Vonage
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Join as we learn about Sanjsay Srininvasan, chief architect and CEO of Vonage Business, where he’s going to talk about his interest in STEM and his work in the telecommunications industry.

SciGirls Connect: Puppet Power
SciGirls Connect

The tradition of using shadow puppets to tell stories dates back thousands of years, making it one of the oldest forms of motion-picture storytelling.

STEM Pro Live: Butterfly Wonderland
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Dayna Cooper, a butterfly specialist, and Ron Brisette, an architect, talk about how the facility at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Ariz., needed to be specially constructed to help the butterflies thrive and how Dayna helps care for the butterflies every day.

STEM Pro Live! with Flite Factory
Maricopa County School Superintendent

In this STEM Pro Live!, you’ll hear about a local drone company, ways drones can be used for work and for fun, and the variety of careers available in this growing industry!

Studies Weekly: This is the Place Historical Park - Print Shop
Studies Weekly

Learn about the print shop in this virtual field trip at the This is the Place Historical Park.

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Dig a Little Deeper Virtual Lab
Freeport - McMoRan

Take an interactive look into modern-day mining with this authentic learning simulation focused on the exploration phase of hard rock mining.

STEM Pro Live! Kimley-Horn
Maricopa County School Superintendent

This STEM Pro Live! will introduce your students to four engineers that work for Kimley-Horn: Planning and Design Engineering Consultants.

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