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STEM Pro Live! Local Motors
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Meet two of the STEM professionals that work at Local Motors in Chandler, Arizona.

Brains On! Monster Trucks and Car Design
Brains On!

At the third stop on our road trip series, we coast in for a pit stop and check out car design.

Brains On! How Do Engines Work?
Brains On!

On the first leg of our road trip, we’re exploring the history of engines and how they work, with a little help from Car Talk’s Ray Magliozzi.

Brains On! The Future of Fuel and the Problem With Exhaust
Brains On!

In this episode, we’re answering a question from listener Katelynn: “Why is car exhaust bad for the planet?”

Brains On! Traffic: Phantom Jams and Chicken Soup
Brains On!

On the fourth leg of our road trip, we figure out where traffic comes from and what it would take to make it finally go away.

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