STEM Careers Coalition: Fabricating our Future

How can additive manufacturing expand the horizons of human exploration?

Students investigate the applications of 3D printing in deep space. They will explore the challenges that are associated with a Martian habitat and they will develop a design for additive manufacturing that considers these obstacles and helps humans live on Mars.

Students will be able to:
• Investigate how a 3D
printer works
• Define the criteria and
constraints of creating a
habitable community on Mars
• Create a two-dimensional
habitat design for additive
manufacturing that addresses
a deep space challenge
• Assess another 3D printing
design and integrate the
design ideas of their peers
in order to optimize their
own design

Middle School: Grades 6–8
30 minute activity

Science Topics
Advanced Manufacturing, Astronomy
Technology Topics
3-D Modeling
Middle School, Educator
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade
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Fabricating our Future Classroom Activity

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