StarTalk: NASA and Nichelle Nichols

Through her ground-breaking role as Star Trek’s Chief Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols became a passionate advocate to get women and minorities involved in real-world space exploration.

StarTalk: A Conversation with Whoopi Goldberg

Now she joins Star Talk Radio to discuss her love of science and science fiction, her thoughts about space exploration and sending people to Mars, and her role as Guinan on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

AirSpace: Big Iron (Season 2|Ep.5)

Space exploration is a geocentric endeavor. Everywhere we look in the solar system, we learn something new about Earth.

AirSpace: Around the World/Around the World (Season 1, Ep.12)

Emily, Matt, and Nick explore space agencies from around the world, including a mission from Japan’s JAXA that just arrived at an asteroid after a 3-year, 2 billion-mile journey…and that’s not the half of it.

But Why?: But Why Live - Space Exploration
But Why?

We talked about space exploration with Jim Green, chief scientist at NASA. We also learned about NASA’s mission to return to the moon and answered your space exploration questions.

Science Rules! Why Space Should Be Explored
Science Rules!

This week on Science Rules! Bill and Corey talk through why exploring space has created so much progress for many fields of science and for humanity at large.

Short Wave: Space Launch! (It's Tomorrow And It's Historic.)
Short Wave (NPR)

Maddie talks to NPR’s Nell Greenfieldboyce about tomorrow’s launch and how it compares to that earlier milestone. We’ll also look at how this public-private partnership is changing the future of space exploration.