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Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Tessellations w. SketchUp
Real World Math

Tessellation is a math topic that is usually found off the beaten path but they contain important geometry and measurement concepts. 

Real World Math: Project Based Learning - SketchUp
Real World Math

Google SketchUp software enables students to create 3D models that can be placed in Google Earth. 


Create amazing games without code!

Real World Math: Project Based Learning - Community Building
Real World Math

Once students become more adept with the SketchUp application they are ready to create models for Google Earth. 

Measurement,,Geometry,Scale,Problem Solving


Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding.

National Institutes of Health 3D Print Exchange
National Institutes of Health

 3D printing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but it is difficult to find or create 3D-printable models that are scientifically accurate or medically applicable.

Instructables: Code a Charm Bracelet

Design and 3D print your own articulated charm bracelet, of any length!

Illuminations:Exploring the Isometric Drawing Tool
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students explore using the isometric drawing tool and gain practice and experience in manipulating drawings.

Instructables: Fraction Action with Coding

This lesson explores the algorithms used to divide a standard piece into any number of fractions and line them up side by side to recreate the whole.


3Dnatives is the largest international online media platform on 3D printing and its applications.

Instructables: Code a Wiggly Snake

Design and 3D print an articulated snake, of any length!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Data Scientist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Data Scientists help companies make better decisions, maximize results, and make deeper connections with their customers.

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