OdySea Aquarium: Rivers of the World

Students will demonstrate knowledge of abiotic and biotic factors surrounding rivers as well as the unique animals that can be found in various river habitats such as Alligator Gar, Asian Small Clawed Otters, Amazon River Dolphins and more.

1. Students will investigate and explain how
rivers are formed.
2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the
unique ecosystems of specific rivers and
make comparisons.
3. Students will analyze data and identify
possible solutions to natural disasters that
impact the ecosystems, flow and water
quality of rivers.
4. Students will demonstrate and understanding
of invasive species, floods, droughts, erosion,
and destruction of habitats related to rivers.
5. Students will investigate local rivers and
form conclusions related to conservation.


Biology, Conservation & Sustainability, Ecology, Geology
Middle School, Educator

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