National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Past Peoples Challenge

Over the last 13,000 years the Cuyahoga River has brought many different people to live in this valley.

It began with Paleoindians who followed their food here after the Ice Age. The Archaic people came next and were the first to settle here in seasonal camps.

Later, Woodland peoples created burial mounds to honor their dead. The Whittlesey people built walls to protect their villages and stored food supplies. We have no written record of the lives of the valley’s native people before the 1700s. They are “prehistoric.” These different prehistoric groups changed and adapted to the wild Ohio landscape over time. Archeologists study artifacts that they find in the ground to understand past peoples’ lives. Artifacts are anything made or used by humans.

When have you had to work hard to solve a puzzle? Did you have many clues to help you find a solution?

K-6, Middle School

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