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Arizona Science Center: Engineer a Bridge
Arizona Science Center

Constructing an Animal Bridge. With this activity, we will be creating a bridge that will support your animal friends and keep them safe!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Make a Solar Oven to Cook S’mores
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Build a solar oven to make yourself some delicious s’mores!

Raising da Vinci: 10 Science Experiments - That Double as Gifts
Raising da Vinci

Looking for the right DIY gift idea? Try these science experiments!

Pest World for Kids: Celery and Pretzel Butterflies
Pest World for Kids

You can make a beautiful butterfly that will not fly away with celery, pretzels and a few other delicious treats!

Steve Spangler Science: Perfect Fake Blood - Easiest Recipe Ever
Steve Spangler Science

Here are amazing fake-blood recipes you can use for Halloween, for pranking, or for first aid training.

Steve Spangler Science: CD Hovercraft
Steve Spangler Science

Here’s a miniature, homemade version of a hovercraft that rides on a very thin cushion of air.

Steve Spangler Science: Sharpie Pen Color Science
Steve Spangler Science

Mess-free tie dye with Sharpie® markers makes a great handmade craft or a color-mixing lesson that’s easy and fun.

Steve Spangler Science: Homemade Kaleidoscope
Steve Spangler Science

A DIY experience that is beautiful and amazing, you’ll be building your own kaleidoscope.

Steve Spangler Science: Magic Pumpkin
Steve Spangler Science

Move over Charlie Brown, this is the kids’ science magic pumpkin!

SciGirls Connect: Birds and Blooms - Bird Feeder
SciGirls Connect

Design a bird feeder out of recycled materials!

Arizona Science Center: Zero-Waste Nature Paintbrush DIY
Arizona Science Center

You can use materials from nature to make your own art supplies!

SciGirls Connect: Blowin' in the Wind
SciGirls Connect

Windmills have been used for thousands of years to grind grain, pump water, and even generate electricity.

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