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Carnegie STEM Girls
Carnegie STEM Girls is a comprehensive site with activities, resources, and links designed to get teenagers excited about STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math. There are areas for students, teachers, and parents. Visitors can read about cool careers, learn about STEM programs and competitions, and link to a variety of other sites that help to provide a rich learning experience.

10 Easy No-Prep Science Experiments That Keep Kids Busy
Raising da Vinci

Easy Science Experiments to Keep Kids Busy. You need very little to do most of these experiments and you probably have almost everything you need for all 10 in your home RIGHT NOW! You can try these right away and have your kids learn about sound, air pressure, surface tension, chemical reactions, absorption, and so much more!

National Geographic Kids: DIY Eco-Friendly Paper Beads
National Geographic Kids

Learn how to create eco-friendly paper beads.

Instructables Festive Flashlights

Shine some light on a customizable cut-out figure with this festive electronics project.

Phoenix Public Library STEAM DIY - Thaumatrope
Phoenix Public Library

Have fun learning at home about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

Instructables Code a Charm Bracelet

Design and 3D print your own articulated charm bracelet, of any length!

Phoenix Public Library: STEAM DIY - Constellation Viewer
Phoenix Public Library

Make a constellation viewer!

Instructables Code a Wiggly Snake

Design and 3D print an articulated snake, of any length!

Phoenix Public Library: STEM DIY - Pan Flute
Phoenix Public Library

Make a pan flute!

Instructables Balloon Cars

In this activity, students design and build a balloon-powered car for play or to compete in a performance challenge.

National Aquarium: Reuse the Tube
National Aquarium

Don’t toss paper tubes in the recycling bin (yet). 

Instructables Candy Casts

In this activity, students will learn the manufacturing process of casting and molding as well as 3D design.

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