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ASU for You
Arizona State University

ASU for You has a wealth of resources for learners of all ages.

OpenStax US History

U.S. History is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of most introductory courses.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has a wealth of content to explore. Find amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more.

Mr Betts Class - Cold War & the Berlin Wall
Mr Betts Class

Learn about the Cold War & the Berlin Wall with Mr. Betts’ parody of Katy Perry’s “Chained to the Rhythm”.

History Teachers - Prehistoric ("Toxic" Parody)
History Teachers

History music parody by educator Amy Burvall that makes teaching history more fun. History Teachers – Prehistoric (“Toxic” by Britney Spears Parody)

Crayola Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans

Crayola has put together more than 1,700 Crayola lesson plans. Subjects are interdisciplinary and include art, literacy, math, science, history, and social studies.

The Kennedy Center Making Rain
The Kennedy Center

What is the cultural origin and purpose of a rainstick?

The Kennedy Center Medieval and Renaissance Art: Botanical Symbolism
The Kennedy Center

How was the symbolism of flowers relevant to Medieval and Renaissance art?

The Kennedy Center Patterns Across Cultures: The Fibonacci Sequence in Visual Art
The Kennedy Center

Exploring where the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio appear in nature and the visual arts.

Mission US
Mission US

An interactive way to learn history.

PBS Kids Molly of Denali
PBS Kids

Go on adventures with Molly of Denali from PBS KIDS!

DK Find Out! Landmarks of the World

Many countries around the world have buildings, statues, and bridges that are well known.

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