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National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Ghost Glove
National Geographic Kids

Make a ghost out of a glove and a few other household items to freak out your friends.

Cabin Fever Science: Static Electricity
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the homelab – It’s time to experiment with Static Electricity!

Cabin Fever Science: Edible Snot
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the quarantine home lab – Zoe and the Cabin Fever Science crew teach you how to make edible snot using things you already have around the house.

Cabin Fever Science: Lava Lamp!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the homelab – LAVA LAMP!

Cabin Fever Science: Ice Cream!
Cabin Fever Science

Science can be so many things! Try the tastiest science experiment ever!

Cabin Fever Science: Exploding Bag!
Cabin Fever Science

Did you know that you can make a plastic bag EXPLODE mixing simple things that you already have in your house?!

Cabin Fever Science: Wash Your Hands!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the NYC homelab – WASH YOUR HANDS! is a one minute science experiment where Zoe demonstrates the power of, you guessed it, SOAP!

Mystery Science: Could a Statue's Shadow Move?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students investigate what it takes to make a stationary object’s shadow move.

Popular Mechanics: Build This Backyard Water Rocket
Popular Mechanics

Test Newton’s third law of motion with this easy-to-build, backyard-friendly water rocket.

We Are Teachers: 50 Easy Science Experiments Kids Can Do At Home
We Are Teachers

You don’t need special equipment or a PhD to get kids excited about science. These easy science experiments are a snap to pull together, using household items you already have on hand.

Raising da Vinci: 10 Easy No-Prep Science Experiments That Keep Kids Busy
Raising da Vinci

You need very little to do most of these experiments and you probably have almost everything you need for all 10 in your home RIGHT NOW!

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