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50 Easy Science Experiments Kids Can Do At Home
We Are Teachers

You don’t need special equipment or a PhD to get kids excited about science. These easy science experiments are a snap to pull together, using household items you already have on hand.

National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Floating Penny
National Geographic Kids

Can pennies float? Take a glass of water, a penny, and a stiff card and find out!

National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Ghost Glove
National Geographic Kids

Make a ghost out of a glove and a few other household items to freak out your friends.

Thoughtco: How To Make a Rainbow in a Glass

You don’t have to use lots of different chemicals to make a colorful density column.

Build This Backyard Water Rocket
Popular Mechanics

Test Newton’s third law of motion with this easy-to-build, backyard-friendly water rocket.

Make a Solar Oven to Cook S’mores
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Build a solar oven to make yourself some delicious s’mores!

10 Easy Science Experiments That Will Amaze Kids
Raising da Vinci

Easy Science Experiments that will AMAZE your kids! What could be more amazing than invisible ink or a magic cloud in a bottle? How about the power to bend water? With these experiments kids will learn about air compression, acids and bases, chemical reactions, elements, and so much more! Amazing Science Can Be Really Easy! Most of these experiments are very easy and include household items.

10 Easy No-Prep Science Experiments That Keep Kids Busy
Raising da Vinci

Easy Science Experiments to Keep Kids Busy. You need very little to do most of these experiments and you probably have almost everything you need for all 10 in your home RIGHT NOW! You can try these right away and have your kids learn about sound, air pressure, surface tension, chemical reactions, absorption, and so much more!

10 Sweet Experiments - Fun Candy Science
Raising da Vinci

Easy Candy Science Experiments. You need very little to do most of these experiments, they are easy, and fun to do with kids! You can create your own lighting, learn about optical illusions, chemical reactions, density and so much more! Check out the video for details about each experiment!

Instructables Balloon Cars

In this activity, students design and build a balloon-powered car for play or to compete in a performance challenge.

Color Explosion: Milk Swirl Science - Try This!
National Geographic Kids

Create your own color explosion with a few everyday items such as milk and dish detergent!

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