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DreamUp: Astronaut in a Bottle

It’s common misperception that everything is floating on the International Space Station because there’s no gravity. This is a myth! 

Featured Listing
Young Scientist Lab: Two - Stage Balloon Rocket
Young Scientist Lab

Build a multistage rocket from two balloons.

National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Floating Penny
National Geographic Kids

Can pennies float? Take a glass of water, a penny, and a stiff card and find out!

National Geographic Kids: Try This! - Ghost Glove
National Geographic Kids

Make a ghost out of a glove and a few other household items to freak out your friends.

ThoughtCo: How To Make a Rainbow in a Glass

You don’t have to use lots of different chemicals to make a colorful density column.

Cabin Fever Science: Static Electricity
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the homelab – It’s time to experiment with Static Electricity!

Cabin Fever Science: Edible Snot
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the quarantine home lab – Zoe and the Cabin Fever Science crew teach you how to make edible snot using things you already have around the house.

Cabin Fever Science: Lava Lamp!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the homelab – LAVA LAMP!

Cabin Fever Science: Ice Cream!
Cabin Fever Science

Science can be so many things! Try the tastiest science experiment ever!

Cabin Fever Science: Exploding Bag!
Cabin Fever Science

Did you know that you can make a plastic bag EXPLODE mixing simple things that you already have in your house?!

Cabin Fever Science: Wash Your Hands!
Cabin Fever Science

Straight from the NYC homelab – WASH YOUR HANDS! is a one minute science experiment where Zoe demonstrates the power of, you guessed it, SOAP!

Mystery Science: Could a Statue's Shadow Move?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students investigate what it takes to make a stationary object’s shadow move.

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