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Instructables: ESP32 Audio Player

ESP32 can be used as an independent system to run applications, just plug in the cable, power the device, and program it.

Instructables: Humidity Light

This arduino controlled LED light changes color when the humidity is not optimal.

Instructables: A Tiny Compass With ATtiny85

ATtiny85 is a high performance and low power microcontroller.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Electrical Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Electrical engineers are wired to science!

Instructables: Science With Rainbows! - Spectrophotometry

In this Instructable, we’re going to make a basic Arduino-powered spectrophotometer, using a little prism to create and use our own rainbow.

Instructables: Pixel Smart Lamp

This is a project I made for a smart lamp controled by Bluetooth with an Android App developed on Android Studio.

Instructables: Stepper Motor Controlled Stepper Motor | Stepper Motor As a Rotary Encoder

In this Instructable, let’s use a stepper motor as a rotary encoder to control another stepper motor’s position using an Arduino microcontroller.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Engineers are problem solvers.

Crash Course Kids: What is an Engineer? Episode 12.1
Crash Course Kids

You’ve heard of Engineers, I’m sure. But, what are Engineers?

Instructables: DIY Simple Arduino Lamp

In this project, I will be walking you through the process of creating a lamp with the Arduino nano and an LED strip.

Instructables: MINI Night Lamp

Electronics is a very big ocean and to explore it today I made a small lamp mini night lamp which is controlled by Arduino microcontroller.

Instructables: Super Sized Acryllic Spectrum Analyzer

Why would you want to look at those tiny led displays or those small LCD’s if you can do it big?

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