Raptor Resource Project: Who’s Who? Identifying Character Traits

Students will use photos of Mom (a female eagle) and DM2 (a male eagle) to identify observable traits and use them to explain or justify how they know which eagle is Mom and which eagle is DM2.

This lesson will take 45 minutes of class time. This lesson would work very well with Compare and Contrast Male and Female Adult Bald Eagles.

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Additional Resources

You will need photos of Mom and DM2. They are included in the downloadable Lesson Package or can be downloaded individually below the lesson plan.

Teachers are welcome to apply for an educational account to observe incubation, hatching, and eaglets with other classes from around the country. The chat is moderated by Raptor Resource Project volunteers. Link: https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/classroom/. If you don’t have a Raptor Resource Project classroom account, register here: https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/register/. To watch the eagles or other birds without an account, follow this link: https://scitechinstitute.orgwww.raptorresource.org/birdcams/.

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1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade
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View Who’s Who? Identifying Character Traits full lesson plan.

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