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Inspire your students with authentic and reliable content featuring women in STEM.


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Weekly Spotlights

Use the 175+ AAAS IF THEN® Ambassador hero videos as a lesson hook or showcase one per week

Virtual Backgrounds

Use different AAAS IF THEN® Ambassador posters as virtual backgrounds each week

Real World Research

Promote interdisciplinary learning by using assets and AAAS IF THEN® Ambassador profiles as a research resource

  • For any educator who wants to use these powerful videos and images for non-commercial educational purposes
  • Resources appropriate for all genders and age groups
  • Can be used by informal and formal educators in both virtual and in-person learning environments



Go Deeper!

one-stop-shop for educators to leverage IF/THEN® Collection content and partnerships.

Go beyond core STEM courses and incorporate Collection assets into something much more interdisciplinary! Ideas below align with the three distinct and equally-important dimensions of learning named in theNext Generation Science Standards (NGSS):


Ideas and principles that explore the intersection of all four domains of science, namely Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science and Engineering Design


Practices that describe what scientists and engineers do to investigate the natural world and design and build systems. The Practices better explain and extend what is meant by “inquiry” in science, and the range of cognitive, social and physical practices that it requires.


The key ideas in science that have broad importance within or across multiple science or engineering disciplines

In addition, the Collection embodies the 21st Century Learning Innovation and Career Standards.



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