The Vaccine Makers Project: Next Step Science Journal Club - Concussions

Many athletic organizations and schools are considering limiting the level of aggressive play in younger players, over concerns about head injuries.

If you were an athletic director, for a school district in your state or nation, at what age would you allow body checking in hockey or tackling in football? Explain your reasoning referring to data from the article.

Journal Club

Scientists and doctors often have regular meetings to discuss research articles or scientific papers as a way of staying up to date in their field of work. These meetings are often referred to as “journal clubs.” The Next Step Science Journal Club materials enable you to use the journal club format to introduce students to scientific content and increase their ability to comprehend and communicate scientific concepts.

Use these Journal Club resources in class, or start an after-school or lunch period club for interested students.

We would like to thank our colleagues in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, who offer the Research Internship for Scholars and Emerging Scientists (CHOP-RISES) program, for allowing us to participate in the 2019 summer meetings to create this series. Questions from student participants in the program served as the basis for the Journal Club Expert Answers videos.

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