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ASU for You has a wealth of resources for learners of all ages.

ASU for You is an approach to education that supports Universal Learners® with resources from a national research university recognizing that to meet the needs of a rapidly changing, technology-driven world, people will need to access education and learning platforms throughout their lives.

Whether you are a learner or an educator, this new offering — launched now at a time when the world faces unique challenges that demand innovation and adaptation — provides a flexible and growing set of digital educational assets. The program is designed for people of all ages and at all stages of their educational, career or lifelong learning journey — wherever in the world they may be.

It includes:

  • ASU Prep Digital (for educators, grades 7-12 learners)
  • Visiting University Students (for undergraduate students)
  • Study Hall presented by Crash Course and ASU (for educators, home-schoolers, all learners)
  • Curated Educational Resources (for educators, home-schoolers, all learners)
  • Inspark Teaching Network (for educators, all learners)
  • College courses for high school partners (for high school administrators, educators)
  • College Credits Now (for all learners)
  • Receive an Open Course Scholarship to ASU (for all learners)
  • Enrich Your Life (for badge, certificate seekers, all learners)
  • Make Your Next Move (for upskill, career change, all learners)
  • English Language Learning (for English language learners: teens to adults)
  • Infiniscope (for teachers, school principals and adminstrators, home-school families)
  • ASU Local Los Angeles (for undergraduate students)
  • The NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit (for all learners)
  • Ask a Biologist (for teachers, parents, students, all learners)
  • Spanish speakers, earn college credits at reduced cost (for badge, certificate seekers, all learners)
  • Ask an Anthropologist (for teachers, parents, students, all learners)
  • Virtual Field Trips: Answers Through Exploration (for teachers, home-school families, all learners)
  • WWII: In In-Depth Study (for teachers, all learners)
  • A 21st Century Library (for teachers, home-school families, all learners)
  • Miacademy Learning Channel (for K-8 learners)
  • Sustainability Teachers’ Academy Resources (for teachers, school administrators, parents, students)
  • Teach Online (for teachers, school administrators)
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at ASU (for learners ages 50 and above)
  • SciStarter: Help Scientists Solve Problems (for educators, home-schoolers, all learners)

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