SciGirls Connect: Terrific Pacific
SciGirls Connect

Junior lifeguard Chloe and her friends set sail on a SoCal citizen science cruise, working with marine scientists to collect data on the health of the Pacific Ocean and create a splashy conservation video for beach visitors.

Outside Podcast: Susan Casey Might Have Gills

To write her three bestselling books on the ocean, Susan Casey went deep with great white sharks in California, big-wave surfing icon Laird Hamilton in Hawaii, and wild dolphins around the world.

Ologies: Oceanology (OCEANS) with Ayana Johnson

In a conversation with ocean and policy expert Dr. Ayana Johnson, Alie struggles with finding a balance between the wonders and the bummers.

California Academy of Sciences: Rapid Trash Assessment
California Academy of Sciences

By conducting their own survey of an outdoor environment, students will examine a method for assessing litter, identify how humans impact the environment, and design solutions for preventing marine debris.

California Academy of Sciences: Sustainable Fishing
California Academy of Sciences

By using a model for how fishing affects marine life populations, students will construct explanations for one of the reasons why fish populations are declining. They will then work to design solutions for ways of making fisheries more sustainable for the animals and the people who depend on them.

California Academy of Sciences: Flipside Science - Healthy Oceans
California Academy of Sciences

In this Flipside Science unit, designed for a middle school audience, we’ll dive into the issues affecting our oceanic resources and biodiversity.

California Academy of Sciences: Flipside Science
California Academy of Sciences

Flipside Science is a youth-powered series that tackles complex environmental topics and empowers viewers to make a difference.

National Wildlife Federation: Sea-going Supermarket Hike
National Wildlife Federation

A class visit to the market is a good way to learn about the oceans’ resources and how important the oceans are in our everyday lives.