Steve Spangler Science: Newton’s Inertia Beads
Steve Spangler Science

Inertia, force, and motion come together as Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite beads pull themselves out of a container.

Steve Spangler Science: The Egg Drop
Steve Spangler Science

Demonstrate gravity, motion, and other forces with this incredible science trick.

Raising Dragons: Easy Napkin Cup Trick
Raising Dragons

Easy way to teach kids about gravity and motion with just an empty cup (add water at your own risk) and a napkin or paper towel.

Khan Academy: High School Physics
Khan Academy

This algebra-based course covers the main topics in high school introductory and honors physics, including motion, force, work, energy, momentum, collisions, and more.

Short Wave: What Would It Be Like To Fall Into A Black Hole?
Short Wave (NPR)

We invited Yale University astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan onto the show to walk us through three ways to understand black holes.

Arizona Science Center: A Wild Ride! Lesson Plans (Grades K - 2)
Arizona Science Center

Exploring properties of matter, motion, force, engineering design process.

Arizona Science Center: A Wild Ride! Lesson Plans (Grades 3 - 5)
Arizona Science Center

Engineering design process, pushes and pulls (forces), motion, gravity, friction.