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SciGirls Connect: Take It in Stride
SciGirls Connect

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that youth (ages 6-17) engage in at least one hour of physical activity daily.

Math Game Time: Daisy Petals
Math Game Time

In this petal-pulling game, you must compete against the computer to see who can pull the last petal from the flower.

Math Game Time: Puzzle Hex
Math Game Time

Puzzle Hex puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test.

Math Game Time: Cake Topping
Math Game Time

This game tests your knowledge of physics and requires you to make instant decisions because the cakes fall quickly.

Math Game Time: Santa's Sleigh
Math Game Time

Help save Christmas with this fun puzzle game!

Math Game Time: Jigsaw Puzzle
Math Game Time

The game helps kids use their logic and sequencing skills.

Math Game Time: Tic Tac Toe
Math Game Time

The traditional game of tic tac toe gets a virtual makeover in this game.

Math Game Time: Duo's Tropical Link
Math Game Time

Use your logical and creative thinking skills to come up with ways to connect all of the animals.

Math Game Time: Drum Beats
Math Game Time

his game helps kids improve their pattern recognition skills, memory skills, and listening skills.

Math Game Time: Fluffy Cuddles
Math Game Time

Rows of cute, fluffy animals are filling the board.

Math Game Time: Cupcake Frenzy
Math Game Time

This game tests kids’ ability to follow directions and improves their understanding of sequential order.

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