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The Kennedy Center: Trees in Nature and Art
The Kennedy Center

Discover how artists use trees to inspire their work

The Kennedy Center: Planets in Balance
The Kennedy Center

Explore the solar system through the creation of a Calder-type mobile

i.d.e.a. Museum: Artful Bird Drawings
i.d.e.a. Museum

Learn how to use shadows to create drawings of birds.

Crayola: Swirls: Nature's Designs

What happens when you combine an art technique called sgraffito with the beauty of spiral designs in nature?

PBS Kids: SciGirls 107 - High Tech Fashion
PBS Kids

With Project Runway fashion designer Diana Eng, Izzie wires up an electrifying gown with Hallie and her friends.

Steve Spangler Science: Slime Art
Steve Spangler Science

How to make Art from Slime

Crayola: Foot Traffic

“Foot Traffic” builds math skills and inspires children to create, present, respond, and connect as they learn.

Steve Spangler Science: Color Mixing Tray
Steve Spangler Science

How fast can you mix 24 different colors?

The Kennedy Center: Animal Habitats
The Kennedy Center

How can animal habitats be described through story, song, drama, or visual art?

Steve Spangler Science: Spin Art – Is Black Really Black?
Steve Spangler Science

What color is black?

The Kennedy Center: Balancing Mobiles
The Kennedy Center

How do balancing forces relate to the engineering and design of a mobile?

Steve Spangler Science: Pinch and Mix – Color Mixing
Steve Spangler Science

Combine science and literature using the book Mouse Paint

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