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Boeing - FUTURE U.

FUTURE U. provides educators with the tools they need to inspire their students to use creativity, collaboration, persistence and problem-solving to change the world.

DreamUp: Astronaut in a Bottle

It’s common misperception that everything is floating on the International Space Station because there’s no gravity. This is a myth! 

StarTalk: What's Exploration Worth?

When the economy takes a downturn, should we still go up into space?

AirSpace: What's He Building? (Season 2|Ep.11)

Today we’re talking about a really cool project that brought together one former-Mythbuster, a couple of Smithsonian units, and makers across the country to reimagine an incredible piece of Apollo engineering.  

Genes in Space: Introduction to Polymerase Chain Reaction
Genes in Space

Learn  about DNA analysis techniques and ongoing space biology research.

StarTalk: The International Space Station - A Space Age Cathedral

At an estimated cost of 100 billion dollars, the International Space Station may be the most expensive object ever constructed.

AirSpace: Good Vibrations (Season 1, Ep.18)

Witness the latest Martian robot land on the Red Planet.

NASA: STEMonstration - Engineering Design: Trusses

Expedition 55/56 Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold explains the significance of these resilient structures and the forces they are up against in microgravity.

Genes in Space: What is Polymerase Chain Reaction?
Genes in Space

Learn  about DNA analysis techniques and ongoing space biology research.

StarTalk: NASA and Nichelle Nichols

Through her ground-breaking role as Star Trek’s Chief Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols became a passionate advocate to get women and minorities involved in real-world space exploration.

AirSpace: Rover R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Season 2|Ep. 2)

Our intrepid hosts explore the legacy of the real Rosalind Franklin, who helped us understand life on Earth, and the future of her namesake robot, who is going to search for signs of life on Mars.

NASA: STEMonstration – Spacewalking

Watch Expedition 55/56 flight engineer Ricky Arnold in this two-part episode as he explains spacewalk safety and training in addition to the parts of the spacesuit that protects astronauts outside the space station.

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