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Youth Climate Summit

The CSOs for the World Focus Committee collaborated with a variety of youth organizations to host a virtual summit focused on the climate!
CSO Daylia, an International Leadership Council Member from Georgia worked closely with presenters to prepare for the one day event. 
The Chief Science Officers Program at SciTech Institute aims to empower student voice and advocacy in STEM. The CSOs are encouraged to help lead students to engage their communities based on topics they are passionate about and problems they can help to solve. Over 1100 CSOs in 15 states and 7 countries worldwide advocate for awareness.
CSOs for the World Focus Committee is committed to promoting sustainability.
As a team, they planned to host the climate summit to encourage and expose students to different ways they can engage in sustainability and climate action! Students from all over the world joined the call and interacted with the session presenters. They had a chance to share their thoughts and ideas on how to combat climate change as well. 
The summit had 5 sessions on different topics in climate action and sustainability on April 8. 
  • Keynote speaker: generally talk about importance of youth action and climate change

  • Ask me anything type of panel with an expert who can answer questions about scientific research or specific issues

  • Case study- students discuss possible policy for a specific issue (ex: curbing plastic pollution, reducing CO2 emissions, etc)

  • Creative action- visual arts workshop and discuss visual arts in sustainability (ex: climate poetry, climate art, student climate flashcards, etc)

  • Panel of youth involved in local grassroots climate action efforts speak about what they do and present possible environmental action plans


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