Mathalicious: Transformers

In this lesson, students identify and categorize the different transformations that occur when a user manipulates a smartphone screen.

Mathalicious: The Sound of Silence

In this lesson, students use transformations of trigonometric functions to explore how sound waves can interfere with one another, and how noise-canceling headphones use incoming sounds to figure out how to produce that sweet, sweet silence.

youcubed: Mathematical Art (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Art is everywhere in our world and is intimately linked to maths although we may not always think of it in that way.

youcubed: Sponge Art Transformations (K-10)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Create a painting with sponges cut into different shapes.

Khan Academy: High School Geometry
Khan Academy

Learn high school geometry for free—transformations, congruence, similarity, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and more.

Khan Academy: Linear Algebra
Khan Academy

Learn linear algebra for free—vectors, matrices, transformations, and more.

Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Tessellations w. SketchUp
Real World Math

Tessellation is a math topic that is usually found off the beaten path but they contain important geometry and measurement concepts. 

Illuminations: Covering the Plane with Rep‑Tiles
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students discover and explore a special kind of tiling of the plane.

Illuminations: Planning and Making a Mini-Quilt
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students create a quilt using the three transformations and investigate the ways shapes can be colored to show one-half and one-fourth.