NASA: STEMonstration – Sleep Science

Watch Expedition 55/56 Flight Engineer Ricky Arnold discuss the crew sleeping quarters, why sleep is important and how they adapt for circadian rhythms aboard the space station.

Brains On! Sleeping
Brains On!

We have some questions about sleep: It’s ok to stay up late, right? Is it possible to control your dreams? Do all animals sleep? Why do we need to sleep anyway?

Science News for Students: Don't Snooze on Getting Enough Sleep
Science News for Students

Studies suggest that good sleep habits can boost mood and GPA while limiting weight gain

SciShow Psych: What "Alien Abductions" Say About Our Brains
SciShow Psych

You’re on the internet, so you probably know that people sometimes claim to have been abducted by aliens.

SciShow Psych: Why Can’t I Remember My Dreams?
SciShow Psych

Everyone has dreams, but some people are better at remembering them than others.

SciShow Psych: What If Your Body Didn't Paralyze You During Sleep?
SciShow Psych

Our body is supposed to be paralyzed during REM sleep, but REM sleep behavior disorder might not allow you to stay in bed.

SciShow Psych: The Overlooked Connection Between ADHD and Sleep
SciShow Psych

People with ADHD often have problems getting to sleep, but is it the ADHD symptoms that causes the lack of sleep or lack of sleep that cause ADHD symptoms?

SciShow Psych: Your Brain's Secret to Freestyling
SciShow Psych

Ever wonder how that guitarist nailed that solo or how your favorite rapper can roll out so many lyrics while making it look easy?

Outside Podcast: Doc Parsley Solves Your Sleep Crisis

Here, Kirk Parsley goes beyond the eight-hour rule to talk specifically about how shuteye makes you faster, stronger, and smarter, and how sleep aids can actually do more harm than good.

Flash Forward: Never Lay Me Down to Sleep
Flash Forward

If there was a drug that meant you never had to sleep again, would you take it?