Natural History Museum of Utah Research Quest Live
Natural History Museum of Utah

Older kids who need a dose of science instruction will enjoy the Natural History Museum of Utah’s new series called Research Quest Live.

Mystery Science: Where Can You Find Whales in the Desert?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students explore the idea that the rock under our feet sometimes contains fossils, and investigate how these fossils reveal changes in habitat through time.

DK Find Out! Fossils

The only reason that we know giant dinosaurs and other extinct animals existed is because their remains have been preserved as fossils.

Arizona Science Center: Cookie Excavation
Arizona Science Center

Introduce kids to archaeology by excavating the chocolate chips or candies out of a cookie.

Arizona Science Center: Familiar Fossils
Arizona Science Center

There are three different kinds of fossils that paleontologists look for: body fossils, trace fossils, and cast and mold fossils.

Studies Weekly: Dinosaur Valley State Park
Studies Weekly

Take a virtual field trip with us to the Dinosaur Valley State Park in this exclusive video from Studies Weekly.

OLogy: Paleontology
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Paleontology is the study of ancient life, from dinosaurs to prehistoric plants, mammals, fish, insects, fungi, and even microbes.

OLogy: What Do You Know About Paleontology?
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

How much do you know about the Age of Dinosaurs?

National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Paleontology Lab (John Day Fossil Beds National Mon...
National Park Service

Our Paleontology Lab Cam allows you to watch our paleontologists remove rock from around fossils.

Ologies: Paleontology (DINOSAURS) with Michael Habib

Listen to Dr. Michael Habib, who by morning dissects humans but by afternoon is in the paleontology lab.