Steve Spangler Science: Cornstarch Science - Quicksand Goo
Steve Spangler Science

Mix up a batch of gooey material that behaves just like real quicksand.

Steve Spangler Science: Electric Cornstarch
Steve Spangler Science

Static electricity and non-Newtonian fluids combine for an amazing hands-on science project

Steve Spangler Science: Non-Newtonian Cornstarch Recipe
Steve Spangler Science

Mixing cornstarch and water produces an amazing, non-Newtonian goo that’s perfect for science play.

Steve Spangler Science: Atomic Slime
Steve Spangler Science

Atomic Slime is perfect for Halloween demonstrations and parties.

Steve Spangler Science: Oobleck Monsters
Steve Spangler Science

When non-Newtonian fluid meets a 60 Hz sine wave pumped through a 15-inch speaker, colorful monsters come to life.

Nickelodeon: Slime in Space - A Virtual Field Trip

What happens when you send Nickelodeon slime to the International Space Station?

Raising Dragons: Super Simple Oobleck Sidewalk Paint
Raising Dragons

Oobleck is one of the coolest substances for kids to experiment with, but did you know you can also use it to make sidewalk paint? 

Raising Dragons: Slime Bubbles
Raising Dragons

 Today we made our favorite slime recipe and then I gave the boys some straws and let them blow bubbles in the slime.