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World’s Best-Known Chip Processor Applies CoPs to Create CSOs

What in the world is a CoP and a CSO and how does it involve Intel? Keep reading and you’ll quickly connect the dots.

Intel, known for its inventive ways of processing information, has initiated and uses a truly revolutionary process when it comes to figuring out challenges as well as identifying challenges before they become problems. And in the process (you’ll excuse the pun) has harnessed the energy and creativity of their employees across the entire enterprise with a result beyond expectations.

The name of this revolutionary concept – Community of Practices or “CoPs.”   The CoP is essentially a network of people who self-identify. They share an interest (“domain”), are committed to that domain, value their collective competence and learn from each other; therefore, a shared competence that distinguishes members from other people. Basically, a CoP is a learning eco-system that applies to business…and which Intel, through the AZ SciTech Ecosystem, now applies to education.

A bit of some background here. Jim Henrys, Principle Strategist, Enterprise Solution Sales at Intel recognized quite a while ago that information and working silos constricted by a severe hierarchal structure were no longer the future and no longer a feasible structure for success for the company or for Intel employees. He studied the market, determined what was needed in the future and created the CoPs around that. This was not based only on theory. They used real Intel problems, shared information and presented the solution. They also found out there were many different ways to get to a solution and learned a great deal because of the sharing; more minds working toward a goal and solution to a problem.

Fastforward several years. Intel CoPs have proven immensely successful, effectively solve challenges, identify problems before they even become problems and identify multiple solutions from which to choose…but also result in an extremely enthusiastic, highly collaborative workforce. CoPs allowed Intel to move from silos with no shared learning to a system of eliminated barriers, a sense of community and eliminated the necessity of continually reinventing the wheel. This system breaks the tribal mentality. 1

Enter the Intel – AZ SciTech connection. The AZSciTech EcoSystem, the only one in Arizona and unique within the US, is an original partner and recipient in the Stem Funders Network (SFN), part of the national initiative, STEM Ecosystems Initiative, to bring STEM education into the schools.

Intel has always demonstrated profound corporate social responsibility to their communities and created the Mentoring and Planning Services (“MAP”) program which brought together Intel and the AZ SciTech initiative. Ah ha, dots are starting to connect!

Based on Intel’s successful CoPs in business, Intel is THE role model AND key partner/collaborator with AZ SciTech to bring CoPs to STEM education in Arizona. Aligning Intel with the STEM Ecosystems Initiative allows Arizona SciTech an important opportunity to join a like-minded national community of practice, enhance, refine and validate existing efforts through technical assistance, co-develop new and transformative initiatives such as the Chief Science Officers and share information and solutions within our local community but also with national partners. Intel’s success and experience provide the quick pathways to initiate, develop, support and operate successful STEM CoPs. All dots now connected!

STEM Learning Ecosystem

The AZ SciTech Initiative, Chief Science Officers program is free and open to all schools. It creates a CoP where all information is shared, common challenges discussed and offers the young CSOs an unparalleled opportunity to develop leadership skills in the realm of STEM…in short, dramatically impact and affect the future of STEM education in Arizona, the schools, the community and the CSO themselves.

Renee Levin, Intel Community Affairs & Education Manager summed up the collaboration and insight into the partnership perfectly. “At Intel, the vast majority of our jobs require advanced education in the STEM areas. Our employee volunteers are excited to participate in this program. They know how rigorous a STEM education path is and they want to help prepare students today for the jobs of tomorrow.”


For more information on how to join an AZ SciTech Initiative CoP or become a CSO, please visit:

For more information on Intel’s MAP program, please visit:


1Tribal Mentality is a trait extremely useful for the development of the species, but which should have become progressively obsolete in the 21st Century. The “us” Vs. “them” mentality is an “inherent” and “inherited” trait that today prevents our growth as human beings in our interconnected, multicultural world. Claudia Brauer, Brauer Training, has assignments for the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI and the DEA and holds Homeland Security Clearance.

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