The University of Arizona: Program in Applied Mathematics Colloquium – Machine-learning-based spectral methods for partial differential equations

Presenter: Panos Stinis, Computational Mathematics, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Spectral methods are an important part of scientific computing’s arsenal for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). However, their applicability and effectiveness depend crucially on the choice of basis functions used to expand the solution of a PDE. The last decade has seen the emergence of deep learning as a strong contender in providing efficient representations of complex functions. In the current work, we present an approach for combining deep neural networks with spectral methods to solve PDEs. In particular, we use a deep learning technique known as the Deep Operator Network (DeepONet) to identify candidate functions on which to expand the solution of PDEs. We have devised an approach that uses the candidate functions provided by the DeepONet as a starting point to construct a set of functions that have the following properties: (1) they constitute a basis, (2) they are orthonormal, and (3) they are hierarchical, i.e., akin to Fourier series or orthogonal polynomials. We have exploited the favorable properties of our custom-made basis functions to both study their approximation capability and use them to expand the solution of linear and nonlinear time-dependent PDEs. The proposed approach advances the state of the art and versatility of spectral methods and, more generally, promotes the synergy between traditional scientific computing and machine learning.

The speaker will be in-person.


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Mar 17 2023


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm



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