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November 18, 2019
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Zovio Celebrates New Headquarters

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CHANDLER, Ariz.Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Zovio (Nasdaq: ZVO), an education technology services company, cut the ribbon at their new Chandler Headquarters yesterday. Andrew Clark, Founder, President, and CEO of Zovio, was joined by over 300 attendees, including Arizona economic leaders, elected officials, and community partners.

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Glenn Hamer (President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Todd Sanders (President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber), Terri Kimble (President and CEO of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce), Kevin Hartke (Mayor of Chandler), State Representative Jeff Weninger of the Arizona State House of Representatives, and State Senator J.D. Mesnard of the Arizona State Senate all spoke at the event.

“We decided to move our headquarters to Chandler, Arizona, because it enables us to tap into local talent to fill our new jobs, enjoy a positive and committed business environment, and in particular work with state leadership, business community leaders and elected officials who are committed to helping learners and leaders achieve their aspirations,” said Clark.

Sanders echoed Clark’s words. “Working with state leadership and the business community state-wide, the Greater Phoenix Chamber continues to work toward a business climate that encourages the relocation of out-of-state organizations, like Zovio, to here in Arizona.”

“Zovio’s diverse set of learning and development solutions, which go beyond upskilling and provide paths to college degree programs, micro-badge courses, and certifications, will help Arizona address the skills gap, while the over 800 jobs they are bringing to the East Valley support the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s economic development goals,” said Hamer.

During his remarks, Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke said, “Chandler is pleased to welcome Zovio to our Community of Innovation. Our city’s current workforce is highly educated — 43 percent of adult residents have a bachelor’s or advanced degree — and additional educational options in Chandler will provide even more opportunity to ensure the pipeline of skilled workers continues for years to come.”

Terri Kimble, President and CEO of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, also spoke of the alignment between Zovio and the Chandler Chamber. “We are both committed to fostering an environment that champions visionary technology, educational achievement, and community engagement within our city.”

Zovio has a long-standing commitment to giving back in the communities where its employees live and work. In celebration of the ribbon cutting, Zovio announced $50,000 in community contributions. Two local philanthropies, Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates and Arizona SciTech Festival were presented donations of $25,000 each on behalf of Zovio’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Located in Chandler, near Cooper Road and Loop 202, Zovio’s 130,000-square-foot corporate headquarters is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation. Highlights of the facility, which will be home to over 800 employees, include:

  • The latest meeting room and wireless technology;
  • Solar panels that double as covered parking for employees and generate more than 30 percent of the facility’s electric needs; and
  • An on-site café, health center, gym, and coffee bar.

About Zovio
Zovio (Nasdaq: ZVO) is an education technology services company that partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver innovative, personalized solutions to help learners and leaders achieve their aspirations. Zovio leverages its core strengths and applies its technology and capabilities to priority market needs. Using advanced data and analytics, Zovio identifies the most meaningful ways to enhance the learner experience and deliver strong outcomes for higher education institutions, employers, and learners. Zovio’s purpose is to help everyone be in a class of their own. For more information, visit

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