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Posted On:
February 25, 2019
at 11:25 am

Jasper Pena

Signature Event

ViaSat-2 Photographed at CUSD Innovation Fair

” At the Chandler Innovation Fair signature event, our partners at Focus Astronomy snapped this photograph of the ViaSat-2 satellite, in geostationary orbit.

That white dot, in the picture below, is the world’s most powerful commercial telecommunications satellite, having a throughput of 260 Gigabit/s and delivering internet to North America, the Caribbean, and transatlantic routes. It is located 22,236 miles (117 million feet) above the Earth’s equator, and outputs an RF signal oscillating 27 billion times per second, through the atmosphere, to our dish/airplane user terminals.


Very cool way to begin our first 2019 festival event – the kids loved it!”

Omar Alam

RF/Microwave Test Engineer

Space Technologies, Missions, and Payloads

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