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October 4, 2017
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Seeking Scientists (Undergrads to STEM Professionals) to Join in on the Spirit of Science

The Spirit of Science brings scientists to life as actors to demonstrate to elementary and middle school children the important contributions each has made to the field of science.

Envision a “living wax museum” of just scientists. What they are looking for are individuals who will dress as a historical scientist and play this part for about an hour at an elementary school in Chandler. They will provide a costume and some information on the scientist. The participants will only spend 5 minutes with each group of children, so it’s not an in-depth exercise. They basically want to show kids that scientists have all different backgrounds and want to provide a snapshot of the life of that scientist and their contributions.

The kids are going to LOVE this and you will absolutely have an impact on shaping their world view. At this school in the Spring, one of the little girls (actually in this cohort of students we are presenting to) asked a visiting scientist if she was the, “first girl scientist ever”. Imagine the look on these kids’ faces when they see women in costume from 200 years ago explaining their fascination with science and their discoveries!

Their tentative date is Wednesday, Oct. 18th (either from 9:30ish-10:30am or 1:30-2:30pm). If that particular date doesn’t work and you are interested, please let me know as we will have future presentations of this program. We currently have hispanic (male), African American (female), and white (female and male) roles to fill. It would be appropriate for any scientist- undergrads, lab techs, tenured faculty members etc. to fill these roles.

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