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November 13, 2019
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Jasper Pena

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SciTech Institute STEM and Innovation Summit with Treasures 4 Teachers and Department of Economic Security


SciTech Institute STEM and Innovation Summit with Treasures 4 Teachers and Department of Economic Security

Take part in the future and interact with some of Arizona’s most influential thinkers at the 2019 STEM and Innovation Summit held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This year’s statewide conference brought together Arizona’s key stakeholders in business, industry, education, government, NGO, the community to:

  • Share best practices, lessons and stories from the field
  • Experience the latest in Arizona technology and innovation
  • Build unique and diverse STEM networks
  • Discuss how we can work as connected ecosystem to improve public STEM awareness and improve workforce readiness


Treasures 4 Teachers is a member based resource and supply store serving the educators of Arizona. This means that anyone who works closely with students can have access to a wide selection of materials, resources and training that will enhance and expand the learning process. T4T is a donation-based operation. Therefore, we are able to provide low cost and free school supplies to our members in Tempe, Arizona.

Al Pajak is all about STEM integration. He works with 5th and 6th grade students to integrate STEM and Social Studies. With Treasures 4 Teachers, he is a professional development instructor leading teachers to integrate STEM into their curriculum. Lastly, he is a Ph.D. student at Prescott College developing a program that integrates STEM, Historical Empathy, and Project Based learning.

The Department of Economic Security makes Arizona stronger by helping Arizonans reach their potential through temporary assistance for those in need, and care for the vulnerable.

Willie Higgins is the apprenticeship Director for Arizona and has really developed the apprenticeship model to non-traditional occupations and industries. He has grown the program to include Insurance, Hotel & Restaurant manager Pharmacy technician, CNA’s, Water Treatment and so many more.

Learn more about SciTech on their website and follow them on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

In your professional opinion, how can we better work as a connected ecosystem to improve public STEM awareness and improve workforce readiness?

Al: STEM integration is not just about combining science, technology, engineering, and math into one subject. Integration is about holistic education where all students access tools to solve problems in all subjects. If we restrict learning to siloed subjects, not only are we ignoring a broad learning experience, education fails to target the full diversity of learners.

Willie: We all need to work together.

In what ways are you and your organization involved in STEM education and/or the SciTech Institute?

Al: Treasures 4 Teachers provides supplies that fill school makerspaces throughout Arizona. In addition to supplies, T4T has STEM kits produced by engineers that help teachers and students to discover science, technology, engineering, and math.

Willie: All occupations have some form of STEM incorporated into their work processes and we want to show more people of the opportunities we have created and more we are developing.

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