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December 10, 2019
at 2:52 pm

Jasper Pena

Business Radio X

SciTech Institute Podcast



SciTech Institute was established as a nonprofit organization as a conduit for collaboration among STEM industry, academia, civic, and non-profit organizations to align assets and resources to motivate individuals to pursue STEM-related educational and career paths. Together, we will build a world-class community of diverse STEM-literate workers and knowledgeable, engaged citizens. 

After graduating from Bolivar-Richburg High School in rural western New York and joining the United States Army, Kelly Greene learned quickly to adapt to her surroundings to be successful.  Serving as the Chief Operations Officer of SciTech Institute, she is looking forward to creating opportunities through collaboration with STEM Industry Professionals.  Sarah, Nate, Jon and Jim were instrumental in creating the first podcast.  Shout out to Karen for co-hosting and getting the team ready to create the official SciTech Institute BRX Radio Show!

Be a guest on our podcast and share your ideas on ways to inspire others to get connected.

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