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March 1, 2016
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One Word Says It All – Huzzah!

2Jr Sr Renaissance

To the thousands who attend the annual Arizona Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace the word needs no explanation


For eight weekends each year, 30 acres in Gold Canyon travel back in time to the 16th century and the Renaissance. Now in its 28th year, from February 6 through March 27, the Renaissance comes to life in Arizona, in all shapes and forms from the eating of turkey legs to incredibly talented artisans displaying one of a kind crafts that harken back to the 16th century. So how does science relate to those olden days and why is the Renaissance Festival a sponsor, for the fifth year, of the AZ SciTech Festival? The explanation is in this year’s Renaissance Festival name, “The Age of Discovery Innovation & Exploration.”


Put away your armor, your lance, set aside plans for jousting and we will explain.




Many innovations that began in the 16th century, the period known as the Renaissance, are still evident and influential today.   Much of what we consider our modern world can be traced back to the dreamers, inventors and innovators of the Renaissance: biology, chemistry, painting, architecture, art, maps, language, trade, culture and so much more all have roots in the 16th century Renaissance. If any of the following sound familiar, these all started with the sciences, STEAM, of the Renaissance; the printing press, medical instruments, anatomy, travel, trade routes, armored car, parachute, mechanical clock, microscope and the magnetic compass. And the most well-known Renaissance STEAM genius who still amazes scientists and lay people alike, Leonardo da Vinci, certainly tops the list.


The Arizona Renaissance Festival, one of the most successful in the entire country, attracted over 270,000 people last season and is one of our areas most engaging entertainment experiences for the entire family. Aside from its famous jousting tournaments (to get a good seat, you’ll want to head to the jousting arena early), the fun costumes and overall excitement of the entire area, The Renaissance Festival has developed into an extraordinary STEAM learning experience for children and adults alike. The Festival’s Student Days is an engaging, interactive way for kids to learn, hands-on, about Renaissance history, science, language, arts, customs, commerce, math, geography and more. The general public is not admitted during these two days which attracted over 30,850 students, educators and parents last year. Student Days are wisely separated into age/grade groups focusing on the most appropriate experience for the particular age; this year March 1st is for elementary schools with March 3rd for Jr. high/middle schools and high schools.


Renaissance technology, mechanical technology spawned the scientific revolution; science and technology began a cycle of mutual advancement. When asked what do you hope attendees learn when participating in The Renaissance Festival, Sanja Malinovic, Marketing Director, thoughtfully replied, “…to dream. To see that their ideas could become the seed for future projects – they could be the new Renaissance – or a future Da Vinci.”

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